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The Husker Football Letterman's Association (HFLA) is made up of former football players of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (UNL). As former student-athletes of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) we are appreciative of the educational enrichment brought to our lives and are proud to be a part of the history, tradition, and pride known as Big Red football.  Our mission is to support, promote, educate and perpetuate past, current and future players about the history and tradition of Nebraska football.  HFLA supports Husker football lettermen, the University of Nebraska, the Athletic Department and the staff. HFLA is committed to a positive relationship that is mutually beneficial to the former players and the athletic department.  

It is our desire to bridge the gap between football alumni and current team members and serve as a source of inspiration for future generations of Cornhusker Football players that wear the Scarlet and Cream, by being  "the Team behind the Team".

UNL Athletic Director Trev Alberts meets with HFLA Board of Directors 

AD Trev Alberts met for lunch with members of the Husker Football Letterman's Assocition (HFLA) Board of Directors on August 12, 2021. HFLA congratulated Trev on becoming the new Athletic Director and pledged our support for him and his team. The board also shared with Trev our plans for our GIANT reunion on Oct. 1-2 as well as our other initiatives to support and engage former and current players. Attending the lunch (from left to right): Johnny Rodgers, Mike "Red" Beran, Zach Potter, George Achola,  Trev Alberts, Joe Buda, and Tony Veland.  Also Josh Davis joined by Zoom.

The Husker Football Letterman's Association 2023 planned activities:

1. Sponsoring Team reunions - One key area for the association is to be the catalyst for annual football player reunions each year. In 2023 we have designated the weekend of the Michigan home game on September 30, 2023 as the designated weekend for player reunions.

2. Offering exclusive HFLA apparel - All former Husker Football players that become members of HFLA will be provided with access to purchase  exclusive apparel only available to former players. The apparel is on the top tab of the HFLA web site. 

3. Football Lettermen's Club in new building - HFLA will be working with the Athletic department to identify an exclusive area for former football players and their guests in the new Husker Athletic building soon to be built.

4. Pre-game tailgate reception - NFLA is working with the Athletic Department to hold pre-game tailgate receptions prior to all home football games. A new space has been designated on Lot 11.   Lot 11 is north of the football stadium, across the railroad tracks on the east side of the 10th St. pedestrian/vehicle bridge  

5. Football Players Directory - Our new HFLA website now includes a secure directory that includes all past letterwinners contact information to unite our former players. This directory is available to all HFLA members on the top tab of the website and is an easy way to find old and new friends.  

6. Mentoring program -  HFLA mentoring program partnering with Teammates. 


Dear Husker family,  

My immediate focus and energy is serving our current student-athletes and coaches. And as you can see, we have work to do, but I am confident that Coach Rhule and staff will be successful creating a program that each of you are proud of as former players and fans.  

 However,  one of the most important and enjoyable parts of being the athletic director at my alma mater is seeing and interacting with former players.  

  I realized very early on in my tenure that it would be almost impossible to deliver on the expectations of multiple decades of player's desires and interest given the reality that there are differences in opinions regarding how to engage and support former players. To make consistent communication possible between former players and the athletic department, I asked the leadership of HFLA to identify one voice who we could engage with to ensure the best possible support. As President of HFLA, George Achola, and more recently, Doak Ostergard have been wonderful advocates for you, and I appreciate their interest in helping to define how we best honor former players.  

Here are a couple of additional updates for your consideration.   

  1. Working with the HFLA we will be hosting the annual reunion on September 29-the Michigan game. 
  2. We heard from several former players emphasizing their desire to move the pre-game tailgate to Lot 11. We have provided 15 parking spots over there as well. Offering any parking in the previous tailgate spot just east of the stadium was not possible. We are working through the logistics of the parking with the HFLA
  3. We will have no space in the Big Go facility for former players, but we will prioritize dedicated space within the stadium modernization plan for former players to gather. 

We are opening to working with our former players, and I ask that you kindly express any concerns or recommendations to Doak and George prior to engaging with our department. It will be very difficult for us to make everyone happy, but George has done a great job of leading HFLA in being a partner with our department, and we intend to grow our partnership going forward.  Thank you for all that you have done for our great University. Your passion, energy and focus have allowed us to be and do things that most would consider impossible.     

Thank you again, appreciate all that you do. GBR.   


| Vice-Chancellor, Director of Athletics


Upcoming Events

Pre-game Tailgate party - We are planning to have a pregame tailgate party prior to every home game in 2023.  plans are to have them on Lot 11. Lot 11 is north of the football stadium, across the railroad tracks on the east side of the 10th St. pedestrian/vehicle bridge  

September 29, 2023 - Tailgate being hosted by  Zach and Erik Wiegert  in Lot 8 on gameday


THURSDAY, August 31

7:00 PM

@ Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN) FOX

Saturday, September 9

11:00 AM

@ Colorado (Boulder, CO) FOX

Saturday, September 16

6:00 PM

N. Illinois (Lincoln, NE) FS1

Saturday, September 23


Louisiana Tech (Lincoln, NE) TBA

Saturday, September 30


Michigan (Lincoln, NE) TBA

FRIDAY, October 6

7:00 PM

@Illinois (Champaign, IL) FS1

Saturday, October 14


Saturday, October 21


Northwestern (Lincoln, NE) TBA

Saturday, October 28


Purdue (Lincoln, NE) TBA

Saturday, November 4


@ Michigan St. (East Lansing, MI) TBA

Saturday, November 11

2:30 PM

Maryland (Lincoln, NE) NBC (tent)

Saturday, November 18

6:30 PM

@ Wisconsin (Madison, WI) NBC (tent)

FRIDAY, November 24

11:00 AM

Iowa (Lincoln, NE) CBS


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