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About Us

The Husker Football Lettermen’s Association has been established and exists to promote and support the University of Nebraska football tradition by bringing together all eras of Nebraska Football.

We are the continuing the link to past and the current team. We seek to pay forward by sharing words of wisdom and reflection with the current players having walked in those same shoes some years earlier. We seek to build a camaraderie between all of us that have had the privilege and experience of wearing the Husker uniform. And because those experiences continues to serve as an important lens through which we view and relate to our families, friends, jobs and circumstances.

By joining the HFLA you are helping ensure that friendships remain intact, that history is not forgotten, and that current and future Huskers understand, appreciate, and nurture the legacies that you helped create.


The Club is open to ALL former Football letter winners or anyone that has played football for a minimum of two seasons, non-athletic members as voted on by the Board and members of the Football Family. Your standing in this group has nothing to do with how much you played then, or what you do for a living now. Family is family.


RECENT GRADS ($0) – for those former players under the age of 30. A Recent Grad shall receive the benefits of Active Membership and will have voting privileges but cannot hold office in the HFLA.

ACTIVE MEMBER ($75/year) – for UNL letter winners 30 years of age or older; receive the Benefits of Active Membership and can vote and hold office in the HFLA

ASSOCIATE MEMBER ($75/year)-For any participant as a member, for a minimum term of two seasons, of the UNL Cornhusker Football team who did not receive a letter. Associate members can receive the benefits of membership, including voting privileges but, not hold an office.

LIFE MEMBER ($1,000)-any Young Letter winner, Active member or Associate member who makes a one-time membership payment to the HFLA in the amount of $1,000

HONORARY MEMBER ($200/year) Non-athletic persons after verification of participation and accepted as an Honorary member by a vote of the Board of Directors. 

PARENTS SPOUSES ($50/year  All parents of current and past members of the Cornhusker Football team, spouses, and children of deceased Members. 


    We make every effort to be both thoughtful and responsible with how we manage the Association’s funds. In our first year here is what your dues will help cover

      •   Maintain former players directory private database 
      •   Host 10 year player reunions and special events
      •   Host pre-game tailgate reception for former players prior to every home game
      •   Serve as liaison with the Nebraska Athletic Department
      •   Host HFLA website 
      •   Provide monthly newsletter to all former players


      The names, addresses and contact information provided for the HFLA will be confidential and not disclosed to the public.  The intent is to design a secure page of the website that upon a member’s approval will be accessible to former letterman and associate members only.  All former letterman should be aware that their status as lettermen is a matter of public record in Nebraska at the following website – Click Here.

      Further, the HFLA while encouraging network amongst our members will not be used as a vehicle for soliciting our members for business. HFLA will not agree to third-party solicitation of our organizational database and will not allow any commercial or non-commercial email messaging mass emails to our members. If an organization is listed on our website, they have provided a sponsorship or other donation to the HFLA and placement on the website does not allow them access to members, without the members permission.

      What if we live far away?

      We are making concerted efforts to broaden our reach and create opportunities for those located further from Lincoln to feel connected, make an impact, and be served. We have created a chapter concept and are willing to work with our fellow Huskers to create and the local level an association that can be of a local benefit. We will be creating an online registration portal via check and snail mail to the following:

      Husker Football Lettermen’s Association
      1212 O Street Lincoln, NE 68508

      Husker Football Letterman's Association

      George Achola

      1004 Farnam Street

      Omaha, NE  68116 

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